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SAGE + LØVE has certainly earned its buckle {no rodeo necessary}. Artists Nadine Sage and Tammy Carr have joined forces. The pair, who are 18th century art junkies, are pros at incorporating vintage european illustrations into their papier collé and oil artwork.
From their studio in Colorado Springs, they create handmade fine art belt buckles each with meticulously detailed natural curiosities combined with European design elements.

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Papier collé is a collage technique: paper and polymer are fused together {we also add oil in between the layers}. 18th and 19th century illustrations are meticulously incorporated with decorative design components extracted from textile patterns to old-world maps. Nadine's artwork mirrors her years on the eastern sea shore and living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Tammy's artwork reflects her Alaskan upbringing and her love of nature, by the way, she's an expert fly fisherman to boot.

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We offer wholesale to both Brick and Mortar retailers, as well as, shops online. Two collections are offered per year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. We also offer limited edition and specialty buckles throughout the year. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and find out about our latest special edition buckles.

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